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July Featured Fighter: Trish Louie

Posted on August 18, 2017

“Taekwondo is for everybody. There’s no one who can’t benefit.”

When asked what drew her Taekwondo, Trish responds without hesitation: “I wanted to kick people.” When she first came to Yi Sport at the age of 13, she was only there to watch her brother. Coach Sara remembers, “Her eyes were glued to the other kids for the entire class. You could tell she was itching to get in the ring.”

And once she got in, she never stopped. “I became obsessed,” Trish jokes. Now a 1st Dan black belt, Trish went to team trials for the Youth Olympic Games Open in 2010, and she made the top three in team trials for the US Junior Team only three years into her training. In 2011, she qualified for US Senior Team trials and went on to win silver at the annual International Taekwondo Festival in California.

Trish says she has stayed at Yi Sport for over a decade because of the community. “I love Coach Lee and Coach Sara. And you make this really cool connection with the other fighters in your age group. You’re like siblings. Even though it’s an ‘individual’ sport, you train together, you cut weight together, you help each other through injuries. When you suffer like that together, it creates an unbreakable bond.”

Taekwondo also gave Trish confidence. “Before I came to Yi Sport, I hadn’t done any other sports. I didn’t think of myself as athletic. But now I’ve done swimming and tried Jujitsu and track. My parents would agree Yi Sport gave me a lot of life development and leadership skills. I think it was all part of Coach Lee’s diabolical plan!”

Trish holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in American Ethnic Studies and is a Garfield High School alumna. She also gives back to the community through our black belt program, coaching and serving as a key role model for our young female fighters. “I would love it if more people joined Yi Sport,” Trish beams. “I’m still trying to get my brother back into it!”